Ballerina-Küchen takes number 1 spot in the Customer Favourite 2017 survey

Deutschland Test and FOCUS Money have confirmed it: Ballerina-Küchen is one of the most favourite brands in Germany. In a Germany-wide consumer study, the company has been voted as 'Customer Favourite 2017' with the gold award for 1st place.

The study examined social media articles on more than 3,000 brands in 119 categories. Statements on price, service, quality and looks were evaluated. The evaluation was based on data from the Web Analyzer web-monitoring tool. A total of 10,000 online messages and over a million social media sources were monitored and analysed for this across the period from January to December 2016. The evaluations were issued in a scale from 0 to 100 and thus set the benchmark for other brands in the industry. Ballerina-Küchen received 100 points and was therefore voted into 1st place in the kitchen furniture industry.

A trendsetter amongst German kitchen manufacturers, Ballerina-Küchen is a medium-sized enterprise based in Rödinghausen (Bünde/Westphalia) and produces 25,000 individual top-quality kitchens each year with the characteristic 'Quality made in Germany'.

Ballerina auf Platz 1