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Marie Peppercorn
Kurz Kurz Design
Angela Schiewer
Michal Shalev
Michaela Koch
Harry & Camila
Virginia Romo
Kathrin Stockebrand
Nuno Ladeiro

Studied art, design and ceramic design, and considers any surface and any object the canvas for her ideas. To achieve her ambitious standards for her work, she takes on any challenge and never loses sight of the desired outcome. Only the result counts, and her "50's Retro Design" has proven to be quite a success.

Graduate designer based in Solingen, Germany

Since 1992 Kurz Kurz Design has been a professional design partner for many leading firms in various branches of industry. With his interdisciplinary team, graduate designer Dorian Kurz creates individual products, product families and design strategies in his studio in Solingen. Table culture is his passion and a market in which he displays great competence. His high standards as regards aesthetic appeal, function and attention to detail turn his designs and ideas into successful products with an unmistakable identity ensuring their long-term success in the market.

She initially studied fashion and textile design in Italy and Germany, then spent many years in a responsible position as director of design and product manager before opening her own studio in 2005. Today, she is passionate about working freely and independently - and looks forward to every new task.

You might not have heard her name, but you could be standing on her work: Shalev is a world-famous carpet and textiles designer. Drapes, paper products, porcelain and shower curtains are also linked irrevocably with her characteristic style. Her influences: pop art, the Spanish, cave painters, her home. Her style: as versatile as you would expect – sometimes minimalist, sometimes humorous, always lively. She has worked closely with German companies such as Karstadt, Rosenthal and Design House since 1994.

Gained a diploma in fashion design from Berlin Arts College in 1990 before working as assistant editor and costume designer; from 1996 onwards, worked as freelance designer and illustrator. Her distinctly cheerful designs adorn the products of many leading manufacturers and publishing houses, while her acrylic paintings simultaneously ensure a fresh contrast in the art world.

This Dutch and Chilean couple met each other during their "Masterstudium" at the Mailänder Domus Academy and went on to start their own design studio "Harry&Camilla" which is highly regarded worldwide for its clear, futuristic design - while at the same time staying open-minded about experimenting with new constellations and materials.

Designer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Born in Spain, she studied architecture in the Basque region and in Stuttgart, where she has been working successfully as a freelance illustrator since 2010. Hobbies such as ballet, travel and fashion characterise her feminine illustration style, which is realised digitally but also through the classic analogue methods.

Kathrin Stockebrand
Kathrin Stockebrand

Designer and illustrator in Essen, Germany, * 1964
After studying in Münster and Essen, she initially worked in advertising and as art director for a publishing house. In the meantime, she has made a name for herself as a freelance designer and illustrator - and especially appreciates the creative freedom of her job: "I love it when my creativity knows no limits!"

Nuno Ladeiro
Nuno Ladeiro

The work of the architect and industrial designer, born in 1968 is deeply rooted in Portuguese history. In his studio in Lisbon he helps Portuguese design to worldwide recognition – his master plan for Expo 98 and his red-blue retirement home in northern Portugal are particularly well known. With great respect, however, he also reinterprets classics of furniture culture - including the world-famous “Alvar Aalto chair”.
With great sensitivity he absorbs environmental influences and merges them into a perfect mixture of fantasy and reality. His work has received numerous awards, and he offers his know-how and experience as a lecturer at two universities and director of MID (International Design Movement).