Ballerina colour systems
The colours of the future – available today

Ballerina colour systemsBallerina colour systems
Colour systems

Special lacquering

Special lacquering from the RAL Classic or Design colour system as well as from the SIKKENS Colour Concept 5051 range are available for all of our lacquered surfaces.

Colour systems


Give your ideas and imagination free rein – a colour highlight in the kitchen as a shelf, front or modular panel, or even all furniture parts – everything is possible with the RAL and SIKKENS colour systems, containing over 3,800 colours.

Colour systems


Whether matt lacquer, micro textured lacquer, velvet lacquer, high-gloss lacquer or even veneered surfaces – choose your favourite colour and finish.

Colour systems


To ensure the greatest level of hygiene and cleanliness possible, the satin lacquer and micro textured lacquer fitted kitchens can be finished with a special antibacterial surface on request.