Carcase colours
The carcase of the future – available today

All-round perfection: The 26 standard carcase finishes are delivered with matching interior and exterior decor. The extremely substantial and thick coating of all decors is exceptionally resistant to abrasion and resistant to scratches.

We at Ballerina provide you with the most varying colour concepts, which can be combined to form an accomplished kitchen concept precisely to your wishes. Discover the possibilities – for designing the kitchen of your imagination.

Korpusfarbe KP006PKP006P
Light grey (minipearl texture)
Korpusfarbe K023PK023P
Stainless steel-coloured (minipearl texture)
Korpusfarbe K039PK039P
Premium white (minipearl texture)
Korpusfarbe K039GK039G
Gloss premium white (smooth)
Korpusfarbe K043PK043P
Graphite black (minipearl texture)
Korpusfarbe K058PK058P
Magic grey (minipearl texture)
Korpusfarbe K076PK076P
Magnolia (minipearl texture)
Korpusfarbe K076GK076G
Gloss magnolia (smooth)
Korpusfarbe K085PK085P
Cubanite (micro texture)
Korpusfarbe K152FK152F
Cashmere (smooth)
Korpusfarbe K005SK005S
Castell oak effect (wood texture)
Korpusfarbe K081SK081S
Chateau oak effect (Matex texture)
Korpusfarbe K089SK089S
Diamond acacia effect (Matex texture)
Korpusfarbe K091SK091S
Platinum oak effect (Matex texture)
Korpusfarbe K153SK153S
Grey-white hemlock effect
Korpusfarbe K154SK154S
Nebraska oak effect
Korpusfarbe K155SK155S
Nautical oak effect
Korpusfarbe K160FK160F
Snow white (smooth)
Korpusfarbe K160GK160G
Gloss snow white
Korpusfarbe K169FK169F
Dolphin grey
Korpusfarbe K170SK170S
Calvados pine
Korpusfarbe K178FK178F
White agate
Korpusfarbe K179FK179F
Natural country beech effect
Korpusfarbe K075PK075P
Korpusfarbe K185SK185S
Cognac oak
Korpusfarbe K190SK190S
Mammoth oak