The various components of a kitchen play a major role in determining its appearance. Explore here the design possibilities of Ballerina kitchen furniture to customize your kitchen to your personal ideas and wishes.

Kitchen fronts

The kitchen front, with its largest share of the kitchen in terms of area, plays a fundamental role and significantly determines the style and appearance of your kitchen. Ballerina Kitchens offers you a wide variety of more than 735 kitchen fronts.

Discover here the kitchen front of your dreams

Kitchen countertops

The countertop also occupies a prominent and very important place in the kitchen. It, too, clearly shapes the overall appearance by its size alone.

Now find the right countertop for your kitchen

Handles, knobs and fillet moldings

Kitchen handles, knobs and fillet moldings set accents. The right choice can significantly enhance the overall look of a kitchen.

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Body colors

Freely combinable carcase colors allow you to create an incomparable appearance of your kitchen.

Explore our variety of carcass colors

Kitchen backsplashes

Kitchens can be creatively spiced up with modern designed kitchen backsplashes. Especially picture motifs give your kitchen an individual look.

Here everyone finds his suitable backsplash
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