Antibacterial kitchen
Declare war on bacteria and viruses

Did you know that not only the worktop decors* from our current collection, but also all 26 carcase decors and all fronts from the model ranges TOP, TREND, RESOPAL, RESOPAL PRO, PREMIUM HPL and FRAME** already feature antibacterial surface properties?

No? Apart from a few exceptions in the listed model ranges, the antibacterial property is standard in our kitchens.

Bacteria is spread from people to people or via objects and surfaces. Our awareness of hygiene and health protection is now greater than ever!

For this reason, special requirements are often placed on surfaces in the furniture construction industry. At the same time, easy cleaning and antibacterial properties are of great importance.

Antibacterial kitchen
Antibacterial kitchen
Antibacterial kitchen

Be on the safe side – and not just with Ballerina worktops

  • Tested, highly antibacterial properties for all laminate decors and melamine surfaces.

  • Germs and bacteria are demonstrably reduced by 99.9% within 24 hours.

  • No additives used: This property is achieved through the use of thermoset-hardened melamine surfaces. The material is free of nano-particles.

  • Regular, standard household cleaning is sufficient to preserve the antibacterial surface property.

*Except all Fenix worktop decors as well as 1060 solid sandstone effect and 1070 Bordeaux oak effect
**Except FRAME 3344 Sherwood black oak effect, FRAME 3345 Sherwood sepia grey oak effect, FRAME 3347 Bordeaux oak effect

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