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Our Kitchen Journal

More than kitchen! - Commitment to your own style
Everything is change. Change is exciting, and not just in living. Our everyday lives are characterized by an unprecedented level of flexibility and mobility. How we live and furnish ourselves adapts to this constant change. The kitchen as a living and experience space and favorite place in the house perfectly harmonizes your wishes for functionality, comfort and aesthetics. It is quite easy to create your own style. Inspiration is the first step to change: Discover new perspectives in our kitchen journal!

Ballerina Avantgarde

"We are about nothing less than perfection".
Everything is change. To elicit from matter its best qualities is like an art. Only perfect mastery produces harmony and balance. A mastery matured in over four decades of the highest concentration. For us, progress means combining traditional knowledge with state-of-the-art technology. No machine can replace the intuitive sense of beauty and value. It takes people who set standards day after day. Exactly at the right moment.Exactly at the right place. That's why everyone in our team gives their best. Let's open up new pages for cooking, living and experiencing together.


Every home, every apartment tells a story. Let your hometell its very own story – as your completely individualhome story. Everything you surround yourself with is anexpression of your attitude towards life, your joy in beautyand your wealth of ideas. To this end, our range is apractically inexhaustible source of inspiration for individualliving and furnishing solutions. Discover our convenientfurnishing ideas for any spatial situation in the homethat you want to turn into a tailor-made comfort zone.


Everybody is different and, depending on their needs for comfort, their age, and physical condition, have differentfurnishing requirements. This is why we have ERGOPLUS in our range. This program allows kitchens to be tailoredexactly to your requirements. ERGOPLUS brings joy with a great deal of convenient details - practical,comfortable and ergonomic. Make your everyday life easier and look forward to a wide range of options that willturn your kitchen into a tailor-made space of comfort.

Added Value @ballerina

Arranged according to your wishes.
How we furnish ourselves in life tells a lot about our wishes and demands. At the beginning of every planning are questions: With which style and in which color environment do I feel comfortable? What comfort do I not want to do without? Which details make everyday life easier for me? Especially in the kitchen it is important that aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics are in harmony. We have some ideas to "upgrade" your kitchen in the literal sense of the word. Look forward to your own personal comfort zone and discover our best ideas.

Practical interior

The kitchen - The center of life
Discover our practical interior


Together for a positive life
Let's be honest: Do you know exactly what is meant by sustainability? We don't dwell on long-winded definitions - we act! Because basically, sustainability means acting in a way that conserves resources in every respect.

High quality kitchens, high quality care

Here you will find our general maintenance and operating instructions with helpful tips and hints for your kitchen.

Use of disinfectants on kitchen furniture and surfaces.

Here you will find our instructions for the use of disinfectants on Ballerina kitchen furniture and surfaces. With important tips for hygienic care and cleaning of your kitchen.

FENIX - The new trend for your kitchen

Here you will find our instructions for cleaning and caring for FENIX surfaces. We show you how to get rid of micro scratches.

DirectLACK - Resistant and noble

Find here our care instructions for your DirectLACK surfaces. So that your kitchen will still be resistant and noble tomorrow.

Smart glass - impact resistant and resistant

Here you will find our instructions for use and care of smart glass in your kitchen with important tips for longevity.

Quality knows no compromise

Here you will find our assembly instructions GL with all the instructions related to the assembly of a handleless Ballerina kitchen.

Professional assembly is the be-all and end-all

Assembly of a Ballerina kitchen requires the highest precision and professionalism. In order to increase the life of the new kitchen, the professional assembly of the fittings plays an important role.

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