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Sustainability is an operational principle for the use of resources in which the permanent satisfaction of needs is ensured through the preservation of the natural regenerative capacity of the systems involved (in particular of living things and ecosystems).

Expertise in all areas

Ballerina Küchen takes the aspects of sustainability into consideration right from the start – during product development, machine outfi tting
and in dealing with people. The sustainability triangle is considered in harmony with the environment for a healthy future.

Product-specific expertise
  • Ecological product design (long lifetime)

  • Purchase of regional products and services

  • Long-term partnership with regional suppliers

  • Ecological packaging (Recyclable and individually adapted)

  • Products from the German-speaking area

  • Formaldehyde reduced CARB2 / TSCA P2 standard

  • Sustainably managed forests

  • GS mark from the LGA testing authority for long-term use

Production-engineering expertise
  • Changeover to energy-saving production technologies

  • The use of recycle materials, chipboard

  • Generating heat by using residual wood

  • Material effi ciency through cut optimizations and a batch size of one

  • Investment in an environmentally-friendly and fuel-saving vehicle fl eet

Economical expertise
  • Permanent jobs only

  • Employment of all trainees

  • No tax-avoidance strategies

  • Reinvestment of profits

  • Regional sponsorships without marketing benefits

Social expertise
  • Performance-related income

  • Employment of older people

  • 35% of our employees are female

  • Personal, friendly approach

Multiple awards



The company is PEFC-certifi ed. This certifi cation attests to the use of wood from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources in the manufacture of kitchen furniture. PEFC is short for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certifi cation Schemes.

CARB2/TSCA P2 standard

CARB2/TSCA P2 standard

The wood materials are in accordance with the reduced formaldehyde CARB2 / TSCA P2 standard and are environmentally sound, sustainable and ensure a healthy indoor climate.



Strict tests with regard to safety, load-bearing capacity, material consistency and convenience in use are the basis that ensures our kitchens still continue to function safely and reliably even after many years of use. This high-quality standard is illustrated by the GS mark of the LGA QualiTest GmbH for all kitchens.

Waste disposal

Waste disposal

A waste disposal contract number TV000131 has been signed with the company RKT Recycling Kontor Transportverpackungen GmbH & Co. KG. This ensures that all the packaging materials concerned are processed correctly and that all the requirements of the Packaging Directive are met.

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