Sustainable living with Ballerina kitchens

High-quality fitted kitchens, which are oriented to your ideas through their diverse design options and convince with an innovative, revolutionary design - experience modern lifestyle with Ballerina!


Ballerina kitchens stand for sustainability and modern living. With the LIFESTYLE KITCHEN Ballerina presents a variety of options for more sustainability in the kitchen. New, modern and perfectly integrated into everyday life. The LIFESTYLE KITCHEN by Ballerina combines high-quality materials and homeliness with the desire for efficiency and technology. A modern kitchen supports you in your everyday life and adapts to your rhythm of life. On this page you will learn how to equip your kitchen in a modern, sustainable and future-proof way and which products are suitable for you. Experience modern lifestyle with Ballerina kitchens and get inspired.

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Recyclable waste bags: waste separation and recycling

Waste separation and recycling play a central role in the modern kitchen. With the practical recyclable bags you save waste bags and protect the environment. The recyclable bags can be easily integrated into your Ballerina kitchen. They can be reused as often as you like and are ideal for storing paper waste, for example.

Cereal dispenser: unpacked food products

The cereal dispenser combines easy handling with modern design. Dosing cereals or dried foods becomes child's play. The cereal dispenser from Ballerina kitchens can be easily integrated into any kitchen and helps to reduce packaging waste.

Ceramic storage jars: unpackaged food

Ceramic is particularly suitable for storing food and keeps it fresh for a particularly long time. The ceramic storage jars from Ballerina kitchens integrate ideally into your new Ballerina kitchen.

Bulk shelf: unpacked food

The jar shelf combines modern design with easy handling. With the pouring shelf you can store spices and other food in sustainable jars. The shelf can be placed flexibly in the kitchen.

Water treatment system: avoidance of PET bottles

With a modern and sustainable water treatment system, you no longer have to buy water in plastic bottles. Thanks to an integrated water treatment system in your new Ballerina kitchen, you save on annoying plastic bottles and reduce your household waste. In addition, fresh and perfectly treated water is always available to you.

TAKEAWAY: Food storage

TAKEAWAY removable drawer makes your everyday life easier and gives a modern attitude to life. The removable drawer creates portable storage space that can be carried like a tray to wherever the contents are needed.

FREEBRIDGE: Grow your own herbs

Plant herbs yourself? No problem! So you no longer have to buy herbs packaged. The FREEBRIDGE is versatile and integrates ideally into your new kitchen. As a highlight on the kitchen countertop, the FREEBRIDGE is a beautiful transition into the modern living space.

Hailo Micro Garden: Growing fresh sprouts

A Micro Garden is the garden of the future. Fresh herbs grow from now on directly in your kitchen and can be taken out at will. The Hailo Micro Garden combines modern lifestyle with regionality and sustainability.

Pantry box: storage of bread, fruit and vegetables

The pantry box is ideal for storing fruit, vegetables and bread. It can be integrated into a 60 cm wide pull-out and keeps food fresh for a particularly long time. Due to a tempered glass sliding lid, the food is hygienically covered and yet visible. Thus, open food is stored appetizingly and is quickly at hand.

AMBIA-LINE: Consistent design

The narrow, linear design of AMBIA-LINE continues the reduced design language of LEGRABOX in the interior and can be harmoniously combined with the drawers and pull-outs in color and material. Not only food can be stored here.

Container for extracts: Food storage

With containers for your pull-outs you keep the overview in your kitchen. The modern containers can be filled as desired and integrate perfectly into your new kitchen. Declare war on chaos and ensure that less food is wasted with order.

OrganiQ cutlery dividers for drawers: environmentally friendly and recyclable natural material.

Put an end to clutter! The OrganiQ cutlery dividers from Ballerina kitchens are made of 78 percent natural fibers and are kind to the environment. All cutlery dividers can be easily integrated into your new kitchen and create order in the furthest corner.

LED lighting: energy saving

Nowadays there are versatile solutions for optimal lighting in your new kitchen. When using the kitchen, it is not only a safety aspect that the work surfaces are very well illuminated without disturbing shadows. Modern LED lighting saves electricity and creates enough brightness that you can work and live in the kitchen without hesitation.

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