High-quality fitted kitchens that, thanks to their variety of design possibilities, are oriented towards your imagination, and are impressive thanks to an innovative, revolutionary design. These features turn Ballerina kitchens into individually designed dream kitchens.
On this website, take a journey through the kitchen as an exciting place to be and discover all the options - welcome!

The proof for highest quality

Ballerina-Küchen is one of the leading manufacturers in the kitchen furniture industry. What makes us successful? Highest demands on technology, quality and design.

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Online kitchen planner

The free ballerina kitchens online planner
The 3D online kitchen planner that helps you with your kitchen planning. The Kitchen Planner is an easy-to-use software that runs smoothly on your computer without any download.

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Our fitted kitchens

Cooking, living, living - one room for many demands.
Ballerina kitchens are the value-added kitchens par excellence and meet all the demands you make on a modern fitted kitchen.

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Ballerina & Ankerkraut

Exceptional spices meet exceptional cuisine.
The taste manufactory Ankerkraut and Ballerina kitchens make kitchen dreams come true. With well thought-out interior design, the hearts of many hobby cooks beat faster.

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