Original Resopal ®

Multi-layered chipboard panels are coated with a minimum 1 mm thick layer of laminate and are waterproof in conjunction with PUR edge gluing. The laminate is made of several sheets of core paper soaked in phenol resin which is prepared to a patented recipe, and is thus heat-resistant up to 200 degrees Celsius and resistant to chemicals and scratches. The surface is very low-maintenance and available in matt and gloss finishes.


The extremely resistant DirectLACK range captivates with its matt or high-gloss look and elegant design in the kitchen. High-quality surfaces are characterised by their high load-bearing capacity and durability. They are resistant to micro-scratches and impacts – making them particularly durable – and add an exclusive touch to your kitchen.

Smart glass

Glass lends elegance and value to kitchens and at the same time makes impressive statements. Smart glass is an innovative surface material which is exceptionally well suited for use in the kitchen. Smart glass is a polymer glass that impresses thanks to its high-quality glass appearance. Surfaces of smart glass are scratch resistant, impact resistant and, furthermore, offer hygienic cleanliness.


FENIX is an extremely matt material for interior design whose future-oriented technological performance is thanks to its special surface properties. The Fenix laminate is impact resistant, smear resistant, water repellent, hygienic and easy to clean.

Lacquer: pure elegance

They are scratch sensitive, can not be cleaned using micro-fibre cloths and react to chemicals or natural products such as ketchup, vinegar cleaner and red wine. They are available in more than 1,000 colours and enable individual colour combinations. The velvet and micro-lacquers are nature-friendly water-based lacquers.

Real wood veneer

Veneers are applied to multi-layered chipboard panels, are of real wood with a lacquered finish and are therefore an elegant natural product with a high-quality look and feel. Wood surfaces are relatively easy to clean, but their colour does change slightly due to light exposure.

Two different natural water-based finishes are available here: wood stain, which emphasises the structure and colour of the wood, and wood colour lacquer, which is available in more than 1,000 colour tones.

Glass - total luxury

Glass fronts are a real alternative to high-gloss lacquer, especially if they are made of toughened safety glass. Glass has the highest degree of gloss, has a very elegant appearance and is completely dirt-repellent.

Melamine resin - beautiful and cost-effective

Melamine resin direct coatings applied to multi-layered chipboard panels in a matt, gloss or slightly structured finish are easy to clean, low-maintenance, resistant to soiling and family friendly. They are available in single colours or in wood reproduction that appear to be real. PUR gluing of the edges ensures that they are water resistant.