Kitchen worktops
Fundamental in every kitchen

The worktop plays a prominent and very important role in the kitchen. Thanks to their size alone, they have a significant influence on the overall appearance. Naturally, they are also used intensively during all kitchen work occurring. When planning your kitchen, you should therefore consider a sufficient amount of worktop area.

Because the kitchen worktops are used intensively every day, the correct material is important. An attractive look, however, should not play second fiddle: The worktops should integrate harmoniously into the overall appearance, and should also be low-maintenance, hard-wearing, odourless and hygienic. Ballerina produces high-quality laminate worktops. These are available in the following decors:

Arbeitsplatte 1420Ermarosa black
Arbeitsplatte 1481Valentino Clay
Arbeitsplatte 2560Diamond slate imitation brown
Arbeitsplatte 2706Achatweiß Spachteloptik
Arbeitsplatte 2750Concrete replica dark
Arbeitsplatte 2750Ferro bronze
Arbeitsplatte 3207Finery
Arbeitsplatte 3236ceramic optics dark
Arbeitsplatte 3414Concrete
Arbeitsplatte 3432Oxid
Arbeitsplatte 3517Accamo Travertin
Arbeitsplatte 3555Marble Creek
Arbeitsplatte 3559Enigma
Arbeitsplatte 3797Mocca
Arbeitsplatte 4374Concrete Opal
Arbeitsplatte 4375Concrete look pearl gray
Arbeitsplatte 4939Patina Rock
Arbeitsplatte 6100Dixon Terra
Arbeitsplatte 6100Granat slate bright
Arbeitsplatte 6424Soapstone dark Crystal Stone
Arbeitsplatte 6100Orion gray
Arbeitsplatte 7654Flash Black Christal Stone
Arbeitsplatte 8235Dexter black
Arbeitsplatte 6100Crushed Stone black
Arbeitsplatte 9133Trento beige gray
Arbeitsplatte 9326Isodara beige
Arbeitsplatte 9417Ceramic optics snow white
Arbeitsplatte 1146Chateau Oak imitation
Arbeitsplatte 1486Jackson Pine replica
Arbeitsplatte 1487Bramberg spruce replica
Arbeitsplatte 6100Wild Oak replica
Arbeitsplatte 3153Oak imitation cognac
Arbeitsplatte 6100Piemont oak imitation
Arbeitsplatte 3302oak imitation Nautik
Arbeitsplatte 3332oak imitation Nebraska
Arbeitsplatte 3342Smoke oak imitation dark
Arbeitsplatte 3351Smoke oak imitation gray
Arbeitsplatte 3403Hemlock replica gray white
Arbeitsplatte 3991Country beech imitation nature
Arbeitsplatte 4141Stone Oak imitation
Arbeitsplatte 4262Castell Oak replica
Arbeitsplatte 5411Mammoth-Oak reproduction nature
Arbeitsplatte 7728Platinum oak replica
Arbeitsplatte 1101premium white
Arbeitsplatte 2703Magnolia
Arbeitsplatte 2707Cashmere
Arbeitsplatte 9611structured graphite black
Arbeitsplatte 2900Fenix white great white
Arbeitsplatte 6100Fenix Bianco Alaska great matt
Arbeitsplatte 6100Fenix Grigio Londra great matt
Arbeitsplatte 7200Fenix black great matt